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Andrea Reboldi LOLgarda


Owner & founder

Owner and founder of LOLgarda, grew up with ropes and carabiners in Lombardy. Passionate about mountains, adventures and any outdoor activity, never stands still: between canyons he is likely to go mushrooming, cut grass, prepare a barbecue or build something. For years he has been organising and offering activities in Trentino, but not only. His purpose is not limited to accompanying his clients, but to transmit to them passion and desire for the outdoors. "Every year I want to invent something because I always have something to learn" this is a phrase he often says and we can confirm that he is always inventing something!

Team LOLgarda


Interpreter & coordinator

She tries to make you feel at home! Clients will be followed and pampered during the booking phase and welcomed at the center thanks to her knowledge of several languages (German, English, Dutch, Italian quite good, French and Spanish remain a little bit rusty as they are not much in demand in Garda Trentino). She caters to a wide range of clientele and is the strength of LOLgarda, giving a unique service in the outdoor world of LOLgarda. You can gladly ask her for help if you do not know where to eat or what to do, as she always worked in tourism, it is a pleasure for her to be able to offer her help.

Attività per Famiglie



They are the driving force behind LOLgarda, thanks to the strength they have given us LOLgarda exists; they are Andrea and Lisbet’s children: two children who love adventure and when they can they follow their dad. You will often see them at the LOLgarda canyoning center, they are part of it, maybe they help their dad to deliver the materials because they simply want to do it; they are still small but obviously with these actions they want to feel big; they play very happily with the children who come to visit us, they speak Italian and Dutch but the children understand each other in their own language: the GAME!

Team LOLgarda


The guardian

Jack is our Maremma Shepherd, a big but good dog. He is at our centre because he is the guardian of our hens and we really love this type of dog: he is very protective with his owners. As you understand we love animals but this means that no other dog can come and stay at our centre. When you arrive he will be safe in his enclosure but when you are in the water he runs free through our lawns. Unfortunately he does not accept other dogs in his lawn because he is very territorial and protective; if you bring your dog it will only bark, so we kindly ask you to understand and we thank you for this.


Guide alpine LOLgarda


Mountain guide

Although the registry says he is the oldest, when you see him you will surely be wrong about his age: the secret, in our opinion, is a beer at the end of the day that never fails. Paolo is in great shape, very kind, docile with children, loves to joke, has a lot of patience and is very serious about his work. Like every guide the mountains call him, he loves nature and sleeping with his camper at the edge of the woods, with Cristina and his dog.

Guide alpine LOLgarda


Mountain guide

A young mountain guide, quiet and professional, a free soul who divides his work more between Trentino and Sardinia. He is very quiet in the preparatory phase of his work, once everything is ready, arranged, coffee has been taken, he accompanies his clients with involvement, making two strangers become one team.

Guide alpine LOLgarda


Canyoning guide

Our guide from the Netherlands, who is passionate about sports and nature, has worked hard to be able to turn his passion into a job. During winter time he is a ski instructor while in summer he is a canyoning guide in the LOLgarda team. These two professions allow Teun, to accompany anyone that wants to discover nature. Some people sometimes call him fact if there is a jump to be made he performs it like a real flying Dutchman!


CANYONING & OUTDOOR CENTER LOLgardaLedro Valley Ampola Pass

Our new centre is situated in Ledro Valley, not far away from Riva del Garda, Torbole, Nago, Arco, Idro and so on.A location where our Canyoning tours and many other activities start.Since a long time we had in our minds “we wish to give something more to our clients” so we had the big fortune to find this place that we renovated and became a centre to welcome you, and it is the ideal destination to spend an active, funny and unforgettable day.Even those who do not want to participate in the activities have the opportunity to stay in the center’s meadow, take a walk around Lake Ampola or enjoy good food in the nearby hotel or nearby typical places.We offer free parking and changing cabins. Please leave priceless and valuable items in hotel or where it feel safe for you.LOLgarda works with passion and love and wishes the best for their clients.

Where we are

CANYONING & OUTDOOR CENTER LOLgardaLedro Valley Ampola Pass

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