Trentino ski mountaineering from Lake Garda to the highest peaks

Nowadays it is more and more ‘people who engages in this sport, it might be because it is fascinating, or because with the times we live now,not everyone can afford the cost of the lifts.

The fact is that ski mountaineering allows you to pass beautiful days in the open, learn about wild places far away from stress and everyday noises. Ski mountaineering although at first glance it seems just a funny thing, but it is one of the most ‘risky sports in the mountains, just a few know the dangers that the snowpack hides, just a few know what to do if you are in danger and even fewer know how to use safety devices such as avalanche beacons shovel and probe.

The only advice I can give at least in your early outings is to attend a course or be accompanied by experienced people.
Live Outdoor Life can help you to know, respect and avoid the dangers of this discipline giving you the right way to enjoy the days you spend in the mountains, peacefully and safely.


looking for powder

It’s a really cool activity that allows you to go off-piste, in “powder”.

The fact remains that being in the mountains should not be underestimated and must be done with the right precautions. Many people goes without being properly equipped putting himself in dangerous situations.

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